Clinical Hypnotherapist . Hypnobirthing Specialist . Doula . Positive Birth Campaigner . Lecturer . Birth Trauma Therapist 


Rosie Goode, Founder of Hypnobirthing Works in 2004, is one of the UKs most experienced Hypnobirthing Specialists, having taught around 5000 couples, including Richard Branson's family, F&F of Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, tech entrepreneurs and other high profile clients, and is recommended by midwives and obstetricians throughout London.

I care passionately about the kind of pregnancy and birth women, babies and partners experience, and Hypnobirthing is an effective toolkit to enable a confident pregnancy and positive birth.  I am very happy to help any mother and birth partner navigate the challenging  London birth system.

-  midwives and consultants recommend Hypnobirthing Works!

Research show that most women feel stressed, anxious or fearful about birth.  Short appointments with midwives typically means that women don't have time to ask questions and have them answered, and midwives don't have time to discuss all the options available.  So there's a huge knowledge gap.  The internet is a jungle of misinformation, and whilst there are very many positive stories, social media amplifies negative stories.

As a Hypnotherapy based Hypnobirthing teacher and Doula,  I can gently and effectively support ALL parents towards a positive experience, whether you plan a home birth, midwife led unit birth, or obstetric unit birth.  

I'm especially keen to support mothers -  

  • If you're a 40+ yr old first time mother who wants a normal physiological birth following years of IVF
  • A mother birthing a breech baby  
  • A mother whose first birth was traumatic
  • If you're considered 'high risk' and want as normal a birth as possible

NICE guidelines in 2016 stated that 45% of all births are safest at home or in a Midwife Led Unit.   

If you have special circumstances that require medical support, if you aren't sure if you can have a drug free birth, if you need an advocate or a hand to hold, I'll be delighted to support you and help you navigate the system, wherever you are having your baby.  Rosie x  Click to Book

I fully embrace my role as a member of NHS collaborative networks in London: actively sharing best practice, being the voice of women, and influencing within the system.

I'm an active member on the Board of SWLondon Maternity System (Network sharing best practice with Heads of Midwifery, Hds of Obstetrics/CCG to improve local maternity services) . Chair St George’s Maternity Forum (MVP). Chelsea & Westminster Induction Forum . NICE Birth Centre Action Group . and support clients throughout London including : C&W, Kingston, The Portland, St Mary's, Lindo Wing, St George’s, St Thomas's UCLH, King's, Queen Charlotte's, West Mid, Barkantine.

I was delighted in 2016 to be invited by Milli Hill, Founder of the Positive Birth Movement, to Co-Organise the first PBM Event - 100 PBM Facilitators - supporting 450 global groups - more to come!

Passionate about helping women to have a confident and positive birth, I am one of the most experienced, effective and supportive Hypnotherapists and Hypnobirthing Teachers, having trained in 2003 with Mark Tyrell of Uncommon Knowledge and with Marie Mongan, of the HypnoBirthing Institute.

Rosie's bespoke Hypnobirthing teaching is responsive to the needs of individual London parents and their birth place choice, and is underpinned by her Hypnotherapy / Solution Focused Therapy/NLP expertise and inside knowledge of various London Maternity Units.

Happy normal breech Jack Goode

Rosie's work is supported by wonderful midwives: Dr Lucia Rocca.  Midwifery Lecturer and Fellow, Centre for Maternal & Child Health Research, City University, and Chantelle Winstanley Consultant Midwife at St George's

Some Professional Highlights:

  • Midwifery Unit Standards advisory team from 2017:  rewriting Standards for Birth Centre document (Royal College of Midwives, 2009)
  • Advisory Group - NICE Birthplace Action Team from 2017 -City Uni Centre Maternal Health Research
  • Co-Applicant on NIHR research study - Team includes Dr Amar Bhide, Dr Christine McCourt - in 2nd stage of application process
  • 'Better Births' - Pioneer Site - team member - co-design and co-production
  • Co-organiser first Positive Birth Movement event (450 groups) with founder, Milli Hill
  • Rosie invited by Lucia Rocca, Midwifery Lecturer City Uni and Sheena Byrom OBE  to be on the Advisory Panel of UK Midwife Led Unit Network
  • Affiliate Member RCM - Royal College of Midwives
  • Chair St George's Maternity Forum  - including interview panel for Director of Midwifery
  • Board Member SWLondon Maternity Network (Kingston, St George's, Epsom & St Helier, Croydon) - a collaborative network of Heads of Midwifery, Obstetricians etc, action oriented, sharing good practice
  • Co-creator and delivery of new active birth, ante natal workshop for St George's with Lucia Rocca, Consultant Midwife
  • Interviewed on by the lovely Georgina Stevens (link to follow)
  • Invited to run midwifery/ student study days: 'Power of Language' . 'Hypnobirthing' (70 Midwives from 5 London hospitals)
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Rosie & Kate - Visualising a gentle birth

Rosie's History:  Hypnobirthing Teacher (since 2004) - Hypnobirthing Institute . Hypnobirthing Teacher Trainer . Clinical Hypnotherapist (2003) . Solution Focused Brief Therapist . Co-Chair Kingston Maternity Services Liaison Committee -  visiting member Chelsea & Westminster, St Georges, St Thomas's MSLC.   Member AIMS . Supporter Birthrights . Board Member SW London Maternity Network (stategic network comprising 5 Hds Midwifery - sharing best practice) . BabyCalm Trainer and Teacher (2012) . NCT trained Post Natal Teacher (1993)

Rosie created Hypnobirthing Works as a response to the needs of London parents and underpinned by her hypnotherapy expertise.

Rosie has been highly active in promoting and teaching Hypnobirthing to midwives, obstetricians, GPs, psychologists and other medical staff, both privately as clients, as well as running workshops and study sessions in hospitals since 2004.  She was instrumental in setting up the UK HB Group at the London Baby Show and in running HB Study Days in 2004-6.  Rosie writes articles on Hypnobirthing, the benefits of a normal birth, and has contributed to TV programmes related to birth.  Rosie was delighted to have been invited to Sweden in January 2012 to train Hypnobirthing teachers. She hopes to return soon!

Many women seek Rosie's help following a traumatic first birth.  Rosie is qualified in highly effective therapeutic techniques to release trauma, PTSD and post natal depression.  For more information please go to

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