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Choose from our range of highly effective, expertly produced,  relaxing Hypnobirthing tracks from Rosie, that support deep relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress (Balloon Trip - Fear, Anxiety, Stress Release) and help you develop confidence in your body and baby, to support a positive birth, wherever and however you birth your beautiful baby. (Bond with Your Baby,  Visualise Your Birth, Birth Affirmations)


"Your recordings are the most lovely I've heard" Natalie Meddings. Doula, Founder Tell Me a Good Birth Story, author 'How to Have a Baby'

"I'm really enjoying listening to the audio tracks each night and find them so relaxing. I can definitely see how they will help me during labour" Sophie, Fulham

As soon as you start relaxing your body, your baby is benefitting too.   You're growing a calm, happy baby!

Choose a track below or download a bumper exclusive pack of four hypnobirthing audio here.


Bond With Your Baby audio


Birth affirmations audio


Hypnobirthing balloon trip audio


Visualise your birth audio

Bumper pack: four exclusive hypnobirthing audio tracks from Rosie