Every Woman & Birthing Person Needs a Doula
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Amazing Births During Covid Times
Anna:  I chose Rosie because of her experience, as well as her warmth, easygoing personality and expertise in hypnobirthing. She was amazing throughout. During the antenatal period, I had a lot of anxiety around what was to come during labour – Rosie helped me enormously.   In birth, Rosie was an oasis of calm. She advocated for me and my wishes based on my birth plan and what we had discussed. She listened to me and spoke up for me while I was focused on breathing and giving birth. She was incredibly supportive and made me feel in control.
Sophie said:  “Thank you so much for all your support today Rosie (and all the other days) – it was perfect.  I told P yesterday I feel euphoric and am still very much on a high! ”  Sophie had an amazing VBAC in a birthing pool – vaginal birth after a traumatic c-Section. We negotiated a home birth or birth centre, and that I was able to be with her in birth as well as her husband].


Laura:  You felt like my mum supporting me throughout today. We are so grateful to have you🙂


Katie:  I had an incredibly positive birth experience – very positive memories – and our doula Rosie was a big part of that. Rosie was wonderful in every way. I can’t think of anything she could have done better.   Her personality is pure warmth and positivity. She is honest about labour and birth and extremely knowledgeable.


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For nearly 20 years, I've been passionate about supporting women and their partners through pregnancy and a positive birth, and gentle, happier parenting.  My client Katie who gave birth at St Thomas's, has just called me a "superstar birth doula"  - how lovely!!
  • If you plan a home birth, I'll be delighted to support you...
  • In a pool in a birth centre ..  Gestational diabetes, higher bmi, group b strep - you CAN birth in a pool
  • If you have a medical condition or special circumstances which may require more monitoring, I'll help you navigate your way to a birth that is right for you.
  • If you want support for a gentle c section or the best possible induction, a VBAC in pool, or a normal TWINs birth,
  • I can help you find the team to support you
  • Normal breech birth in a birth centre:  did you know that Kingston specialist and St Thomas's have a 'Breech Squad' ?!
I also have a wonderful support network to share with parents.
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Birth Doula Package 
As a birth doula, I offer 3 meetings before your baby is born and one with baby, plus unlimited contact by phone/messaging.  I'm on call from 38 weeks until your baby is born and support you physically from the point you feel you want me with you, until you see your baby and for a few hours after, to support feeding.    Hypnobirthing underpins all my support.
1.  Ante Natal/Hypnobirthing Programme -  3 meetings (approx 2 hours each) 
  • Birth physiology -  your body and baby already know how to do this !
  • How to support your body and baby to birth smoothly
  • Effective breathing techniques - breathing your baby down
  • How to reduce pain and tearing
  • How to keep birth safe
  • Deep relaxation (guided visualisations/meditations) for a positive birth
  • Create confident, positive, informed birth plans - covering all your options
  • Practical techniques for your husband/partner
  • How to get the birth you plan - advocacy and assertiveness
  • How to enjoy it !
  • I hear "it was amazing" all the time!
Includes:  Minimum 4 hypnobirthing relaxation/confidence building audio tracks, Hypnobirthing resource pack, birth plan templates, email/phone support from start of the course and signposting to other resources (eg osteopath)  
Following the 3 hypnobirthing / ante natal sessions:
2.  On Call: I'll be on call for you 24/7 from 38wks until you see your baby, and initial postnatal support.   You can call or message me at any time, to ensure you're feeling confident and ready to birth your baby 🙂
Extra Session (+fee) - optional - Week 38-39 : 2 hr CalmBaby How to make early days of parenting easier for you & your baby!
3. Pre Labour and Birth   
We will be in contact from the first signs of pre labour, and we will discuss when I'll join you at your home.  I will  support you throughout, and travel with you to maternity unit, I will remain with you throughout.
You and your partner can ask me questions, share how you're feeling.  I'll support you,  practically and emotionally through your birth.   A reassuring, calm presence in the room.  And advocate for you, adapting to the flow of your birth.
I will communicate  and work as a team with your midwife to ensure that you're feeling safe,  that you are belng listened to and your birth plans are respected even if adaptations are necessary.
I will remain with you until a couple of hours after you have birthed your beautiful baby, to ensure you are comfortable, and feeding is supported.
4.  Post Natal at Home 
1 postnatal visit ideally within a few days of your baby's birth, to support feeding & '4th trimester' - and a birth debrief
Throughout Pregnancy/Post Natal - You can call or email me at any time for advice, reassurance, tips
Signposting to other expert support
Covid:  as an 'essential worker' I have had two vaccines, I've taken covid tests if necessary, and have been with all my clients in birth at maternity units throughout London
Call or message me now  07806 994636   
Testimonial  Katie :  "Thank you SO much.  It was wonderful for me that you met Jess (midwife) and also to spend some more time together.  I actually feel really excited about giving birth now and a huge part was down to our chat!  So thank you"  ...     Postnatally:  D and I are very much still pinching ourselves.  We loved having you with us.  I will be forever grateful...  
Hypnobirthing Sessions - underpin all my support
As a Hypnobirthing specialist  - I can support you with highly effective breathing, relaxation, confidence boosting techniques, which with practise, will enable you to have a positive birth in any circumstances.  Your partner will also be supported in their role.  Start early for the gentlest birth. (Trained with Marie Mongan 2003/4 cohort and personally taught over 4500 couples).
Sophie : planning a normal birth, but due to medical condition, having a 'gentle' CSection at C&W:
"Dear Rosie - Thank you so much, you really do make a massive difference to the whole experience. We had such a laugh again all the way through, and felt so relaxed.  It was brilliant - and she latched straight onto the breast as we were coming out of surgery, which everyone was very impressed with.   Thank you again, and we will see you again for sure for baby number 3!
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Working with a wider community of clients, I can help alleviate the symptoms of stress, phobias, anxiety, depression and PTSD (using the highly effective Rewind Technique), and boost confidence in all areas of life 🙂

Post Natal Support Includes: protecting the space of your new family, attending to mother and baby’s needs, practical baby care, allowing confidence to grow in your abilities without taking over,  infant feeding support, signposting to useful resources, information and support groups, listening to any questions or concerns you may have, debriefing your birth experience, supporting other members of the family, shopping/running errands, making light meals, snacks and treats, School/nursery runs, Playing games and having fun, Caring for pets


My qualifications and experience

I've supported mothers/couples in birth at home and Chelsea & Westminster, Queen Charlotte's, St Mary's, St George's, Kingston, St Thomas's, King's, Homerton, Royal London, North Mid. Lindo Wing, Portland ++ and have good relationships with staff at NHS and Private Maternity Units throughout London.
Hypnobirthing expertise - Trained with Marie Mongan 2003/4 cohort and taught over 4500 couples).  Hypnobirthing courses/sessions are additional to the doula fee.  Hypnobirthing throughout London.
Active Birth Midwifery Training - I co-designed and trained midwives how to teach  Active Birth Workshops at St George's.
Clinical Hypnotherapist  - I can help alleviate the symptoms of stress, phobias, anxiety, depression and PTSD (using the highly effective Rewind Technique)  DHypPsych(UK) 2003
I delivered NCT Post Natal Exercise & Discussion Courses in 1990s (Wimbledon & Wandsworth)
Developing Doula course 2018 - delighted to have taken their course and joined Maddie McMahon and Zara de Candole's group
I'm now affiliated with Doula UK. I abide by their rules and code of conduct.
I'm involved in NHS strategic/research groups to ensure that the voice of parents is heard and so that I'm up to date with latest research including: 
  • Midwifery Unit Standards Network – Advisory Team – with Dr Lucia Rocca
  • NICE Birthplace Action Team – Advisory group-  City Uni Centre Maternal Health Research
  • Steering Group NIHR research study – Induction of Labour methods – with Dr Amar Bhide
  • Chelsea & Westminster Induction of Labour Forum – Improving info and experience for parents
  • Chair St George’s Maternity Voices Partnership - improving services at St George's
  • Board SWLondon Local Maternity System (‘Transformation’ Board) - improving services at 5 London hospitals
  • Birthrights Training (St George's) www.birthrights.org
  • I was thrilled to have been shortlisted for St George's Achievement Award 2018 (250 nominations) for my unerring support of parents and midwives 🙂
I regularly attend CPD study days to ensure my ongoing learning and development .  Most recently:  Allyship with Mars Lord and LGBTQ Competency with AJ Silver of Queer Birth Club.

I'll be delighted to support you through this amazing experience, so please get in touch and we can discuss various options.  

Rosie  x

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