Congratulations to Catherine and lovely breech baby. Thank you too wonderful doula Natalie Meddings for your fab message. Natalie says: "I had the full benefit of your wonderful work this week - Catherine had you on a loop and was rather lovely for me, like having you there. You've got such a lovely voice - by far the softest and most soothing I've heard on those [Hypnobirthing] recordings. anyway, Catherine was completely lulled, right until the end, and then we went in and had a breech baby pretty simply.

Catherine & Doula Natalie Meddings

“Rosie rocks!! She made me feel so much more relaxed
and excited about our pregnancy and the birth.
I was one of those sceptical fathers and now I think
it's the most sensible and exciting thing we've learned
during our pregnancy” Chris

Chris - a sceptical father !

Hi Rosie - I hope you got my text saying how brilliant we thought the course was! If not - it was brilliant!

Lucy and Mark.

Hello Rosie - all's well. Actually gave birth last night at home in 3 hours in the pool. Was amazing!!! Resting now. Thank you! X

Delia text
At Home

Hi Rosie- Thanks for the last minute advice, it all helped I think, and the birth went exactly as I hoped it would. I went 11 days over, but went into labour naturally -phew.

I managed to to stay relaxed on arrival at hospital. The birth was quick and perfectly straightforward, and baby Ben arrived 2 hours later, 9 lbs 11oz with no pain relief.

The tracks were playing the whole time, and that along with the breathing gave me a real focus that stopped me panicking when things got a bit intense towards the end.

So thanks again, we are so happy with how it all went, and the hypnobirthing really did help immensely.
Thanks Ellie

Ellie email

Sophie, Jake and MatildaWe had Matilda on the 13th of September at 8.52 in the morning, and I couldn't recommend hypnobirthing enough.
My waters broke on the 12th at 5.30 am. I had a midwife appointment that morning so went along to that as normal, she advised me to go into the assessment unit at hospital where they monitored the baby, found everything fine and I was sent home at around 4pm. When we got home we spent time listening to the tracks and relaxing, I was experiencing tightenings which were increasing in intensity and frequency and by 9pm they were every four minutes lasting for between 60 and 90 seconds - I rang the birth suite and went in at 10.30pm.
At 8am after a second examination I was 10cm and I felt the need to push- 52 minutes later, with no tearing or need for episiotomy, our beautiful 6lb 10oz baby arrived (it felt more like 15mins and I really genuinely enjoyed this stage of the process - knowing I would meet my baby soon and I didn't experience any pain).

We both had to stay in hospital for 24 hours to monitor for signs of infection which wasn't ideal, but I felt elated, I had no pain or trouble sitting, breastfeeding had started well immediately after birth and I felt generally really well. It was quite shocking to be transferred to a ward with 3 other women who looked exhausted and were continually requesting pain killers! I felt so thankful to be feeling so fantastic so I could just appreciate and concentrate on my lovely little one, and credit hypnobirthing for my speedy 'recovery'.

Matilda is such a happy, calm little thing! Breastfeeding has continued to go fantastically, no sore or cracked nipples as people warned and rather than losing weight, at her first midwife check Tilley had gained weight and in her first month she has put on 3lb and is perfectly healthy. We can't thank you enough for all the advice and recommendations.

Sophie, Jake and Matilda

Sophie, Jake and Matilda

Time has flown. Baby Betsy Jet is 1 next week!

We owe you a huge debt of gratitude: it’s been a wonderful year! Still enjoying the babymoon, and no ones burst the bubble! The birth was absolutely amazing, and we’ve used your techniques since – lately using soft touch massage to help with teething! XX Sadie, Neal, Erica and Betsy

After some days of intermittent and mild surges at 11.30pm on the friday my waters broke and regular strong surges started. My husband filled the pool and lit the fire. I kept calm using sleep breathing and slow breathing techniques we’d learnt in the Hypnobirthing class, and listening to positive birth affirmations read by Rosie Goode on repeat. When I managed to relax, especially my tummy, the surges felt comfortable and fine. I was moving around a lot. Light touch massage (a technique learnt from Rosie) helped enormously. My husband told me to take my mind off to the café for a cup of tea, and leave my body and my baby to do it – which made me laugh and relax.

We left it quite late to phone the midwife because I was focusing well without extra people. When we phoned we’d been given a wrong number, so my husband used the breathing techniques to help him stay calm! Eventually he spoke to someone at the hospital who gave him the correct number. It was 2.30 am and they said they’d be 45 minutes. 45 minutes later my husband delivered the head with a shout of “we have a baby” and then turned round to find 2 midwives who had found us through the front door we left open. They delivered the baby two minutes later with the next surge and passed her to me so she could crawl to my breast, which she did and she fed for an hour. The third stage delivered quickly and easily and we didn’t cut the cord because we chose to have a Lotus Birth (unbilical non-severence). No repair was necessary. The midwives remarked at what good shape I was in, and really I credit that to the Hypnobirthing.
We had pink champagne and chocolate cake by the fire with the midwives.

During the pre-natal period the Hypnobirthing kept us relaxed and gave me a valuable tool to get rid of unwanted advice (balloon trip). During the birth the breathing techniques, visualisations, and affirmations read by Rosie kept me focused and relaxed and the light touch massage helped. Post partum I’ve been using the breathing techniques. I’m lucky I had the support to give birth in the way I chose. The whole experience felt really perfect – blissful actually. I got my beautiful birth. My husband said it was the most amazing experience of his life. Thanks Rosie!

Sadie, Neal and Betsy - home birth in 3 hours 45 mins!

Hello Rosie! I hope you're well and looking forward to Christmas! We are, especially with our new addition who is settling in beautifully.
I wanted to let you know how the birth went. We had a false start on the 8th of December when surges started at 7pm and got to one every 5 mins lasting about 45 seconds by 11pm so decided to go to hospital. Having been induced last time I was not really sure whether "it" was happening or not!
Anyway those carried on till 3 in the morning, then things slowed down to every 10 minutes so we decided to go home in the morning as I was very tired by then.

So Henry decided to take me on a 2 hr walk on Sunday afternoon, give me curry (which I don't like!) and pineapple and at midnight the surges started again! They were more intense at 6.30 so we rang the midwife only for them to then slow down so I was worried again it would be a false alarm so had a bath for a few hours in the morning to rest as I was tired again and lo and behold they came quick and fast and I had to let Henry know that rather than slowing down again, I thought we should go to hospital! So out we went and arrived at the hospital at ten past 11, I was in the pool at 11.40 and gave birth at 12.29! So i am glad we didnt leave it any longer.... and so were the midwives!

I did need the gas and air but could still do my breathing. They didnt examine me when I arrived as I was so calm (well relatively apparently!) as they thought I may only be 3 or 4 centimetres (and also my waters had not broken) but I felt I was further along. My clapham midwife then arrived when I was in the pool as she said she knew it was near as she is experienced at seeing hypnobirthing parents so didnt say anything at all about being examined and just left Henry and I to it. I felt the baby's head and told them!!! And I didn't need to push once she just came out in the sack which broke only when she was born and it was a very peaceful birth. I had 2 flakey moments when I was worried I would have hours to go rather than minutes but Henry was strong and kept me focused on my breathing which was so helpful.

Once i'd given birth I didnt need any stiches or anything - my midwife said it was like I hadnt had a baby. I was allowed home that night and honestly dont feel like I've "had" a baby. A very different experience to last time! And very calm and focused and lovely. Henry was brilliant and the breathing was invaluable.
So a huge thank you, it was my dream birth! xxx

Nicola, Henry & baby Jemima
St Thomas's - it was my dream birth!

> Hi Rosie - Just a quick email to let you know that after going 8 days overdue baby Leo made an appearance on Monday morning at 8.15 weighing a lovely, healthy 8.12lbs.
> The labour went as well as could be expected in hospital. Due to it being busy I couldn't have the water birth I had hoped for but we managed on a focused mind and gas and air. The midwives commented on what a lovely, calm room we were to walk into.
> To top it all off, I believe that the focused relaxed mind really helped to shorten the labour; established labour started at 3.25am and he was born at 8.15am. Couldn't really ask for better.
> Leo is beautiful and a happy little soul. I like to think that this is part due to having a peaceful birth.
> So thank you for helping to make my sons birth into the world so peaceful, its exactly what I'd hoped for.
> Love

Millie, Chris and Leo x

Millie, Chris and Leo
St Peter's Hospital Chertsey

Thank you so much for the course on Sunday. I just can't believe we gained so much from it I actually feel confident and calm that I'll be able to do it. ! B was really pleasantly pleased with the whole thing, he is delighted and keen to practice the breathing and visualisation. It feels like the two of us now are in it together rather than doing "it" by myself. I was seriously impressed with your presentation throughout the whole day and your positive energy which was contagious! Thank you very, very much.

Comments on the One Day Hypnobirthing course ...

We had Lily on Wednesday - her due date! She is totally perfect and we are both completely in love with her and happy to be her slaves for life!

We had her in the birth centre and, in hindsight, may have left home a little late - she was born within an hour of us arriving at hospital! All v straightforward, no intervention needed, no stitches and as you said - my birthing body TOTALLY took over!

Thanks so much for all your help and teaching us how to be relaxed about the whole thing - amazing!

Hope all very well with you,
Pete, Lucy and Lily. X

Lucy's Story
Queen Charlotte's

(I emailed Julia last week to invite her to a Hypnobirthing Boost coffee, but no reply .... She was busy having a baby instead!! )

Hi Rosie
Yes I was enjoying your tracks every evening and during the day. So much so in fact we've had our adorable baby boy!

I can't recommend the hypno birthing enough.

The labour was fine. I guess it's tricky to compare when I haven't done it before! My waters broke at 5am Friday morning while he was kicking me and I was crampy all day but kept busy going up and down our horrendous stairs and doing laundry. When I'd finished the laundry I spent sometime listening to the affirmations and birth track bouncing on my birth ball so when I came to eat dinner I was further along than I'd realised.

I had sent Mark to work and by the time he got home at 9pm I was having contractions every 3 mins although they felt very manageable with the hypno birthing breathing and he had time to eat his dinner before we drove in. They got a lot stronger when i got to the hospital but i dont think the first midwives i spoke to thought i was very far into it and i got a little stressed when i waited for a room to be prepared and i started having gas standing waiting for the pool to be prepared. I got in the pool after 11 and he was born at 1.23am.

Mark was an amazing coach and kept me zoned out and focused on getting on our baby out and the little guy is an angel! We were home later the same morning to snooze in our own bed.
Thanks for your help,
Julia & Mark x

Julia's Story
Kingston Hospital

Hi Rosie, Thought you might like to know that Luca's new little brother; Rafael, was born at 04.22 this morning at home in the pool in less than 2 & 1/2 hours (before the midwife arrived)!

All went very smoothly thanks to all the hypnobirthing, visualisation & breathing techniques that we learnt from you 1st time round.
As you can see, he is perfect :o)

Thanks again for everything x

Gude at home

Stephanie & FredOur sessions with Rosie were informative, relaxed! and by the end of each of them I felt even more confident that I could handle labour calmly....

Well, I am happy to say that I credit hypnobirthing with the calm 5 hour labour I ended up having!

Stephanie & Fred
Kensington Wing, C&W

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful class. We had a baby daughter on Sunday evening. After spending all morning at home using breathing techniques through the contractions we went to Kingston hospital to the Malden Suite at 2pm. Not long later the baby arrived in the birthing pool at 5.28pm.

Harriet & Pete

Willow born at 6.40am today. She's gorgeous! Mum in great shape. And I'm bearing up! No epidural and breathing techniques were spot on xx

Chris and Claire
Epsom Hospital

Francesca arrived after 3 hours 20mins labour. All very good. Thank you.

Sam & Guy
Portland Hospital

I totally felt I could do it, so an amazing experience. The midwives said they'd never seen a first mum so composed. It was really extraordinary and I now feel capable of anything! Thank you SO much.

Lucy & Nick
University College Hospital

Anna born last night - a tiny little bundle of joy. Wonderful. Thanks for all your support

Sarah & Sam
Kingston Hospital

Louise at St Thomas'sHi Rosie

... I wanted to let you know that the hypno-birthing was brilliant, although I
think it was mostly sub-conscious. My labour was literally 5 ½ hours
from 1st twinge to Charlotte arriving. No pain killers, nothing just a
little gas and air and all was great. I did feel pain I will be honest
but manageable! So I wanted to thank you for all your help and giggles
we was so worth it and I have been recommending you/ it to
Charlotte Elizabeth was born on the 7th September (a day early) and was
6Ilbs 5oz, she is a beauty.
I promise I will get my[full] birth story to you asap as I am another success
story for you, went from nothing to 8cm dilated in 1 ½ hours, couldn't
believe it!
Hope you are well and thank you for all those tips, advice etc it was
Louise x

Louise at St Thomas's
A baby in 5.5 hours!

Baby Born in 5.45 hours from start to finish !

A Sceptic's Story

When I started to think about labour and how I was going to handle it, I was pretty open minded about pain relief options and didn't really have any issue with going the full hog on pain relief nor did I feel some sort of womanly need to go "all natural." However, I had had a very bad experience with an epidural during knee surgery a few years ago, and wanted as much as possible to avoid having one, in case I got the same spinal headaches I had got last time. This is where I came across hypnobirthing as a way to manage labour and go back to how it was intended to be - letting your body do the work and not allowing your mind to interfere. Scientifically it also made a lot of sense from the standpoint of how hormones and muscles work.

It has to be said that I am not one much for yoga, meditation or anything that involves imposed relaxation in terms of my time-off activities. I am more of the running type. My husband was very encouraging though and we decided to go for it and take it seriously. Our thought was that it could only help and at worst just make the experience slightly less nerve-racking.

Our sessions with Rosie were informative, relaxed! and by the end of each of them I even felt more confident that I could handle labour calmly.

Well, I am happy to say that I was proven wrong and that I do credit hypnobirthing with the calm 5 hour labour I ended up having!

My water broke at 4am, by 5.30am we were at the hospital. I was breathing deeply in and out and had prepared myself for a long one. However taking each surge one at a time and thinking "OK, that wasn't so bad, I can do the next one" alongside the breathing helped to move things forward.

When I was checked I was told that I was by then already 8cm dilated! When the surges became really intense I focused so hard on breathing in deeply and filling my entire belly that it served as distraction and I surprised myself that I could handle it. At 9.45am, five hours after my waters broke, little Emilia was born, weighing in at a healthy and large 8lbs.

I really credit all the breathing and a supportive husband who remembered all the exercises to get me into the confident frame of mind which set me up for a natural labour. It really did prevent any stress and tension to interfere with the body's functions. Thank you Rosie and I feel the good preparation played a huge part in the positive experience I had.

All my best, Stephanie and Emilia

Stephanie and Fred

Hi Rosie,

You are right. The midwives were wonderful and definitely acknowledged that we were trying to have a calm natural birth with hypnobirthing. One of them kept calling them contractions and then saying...oops sorry, I meant surges. 🙂 They never pushed me to do anything in particular and when it came to pushing, they always stressed that I should only push when it felt right.
Thank you again Rosie and I am so happy that I can think back on that day and feel that I was in control and calm.
All my best,


I had my show after 3am on Sunday morning & had surges consistently every 3-5 mins. They felt like mild period pains at first then gradually become stronger. During this time, i listened to the rainbow relaxation track. We Went to the birth centre at 11am but was sent home as was only 2-3 cm. [I will encourage Hypnobirthing mothers to stay in hospital at this point.RG]. I was told only to return when i felt pressure in lower back.

At home, i had a bath and listened to the birthing affirmations & rainbow relaxation. Andy did have to help with my breathing during surges as they got more intense. I Didn't want to be touched at all, at times I hold on to Andy while surges were happening & strong.

By 5pm, I could feel pressure in my back so we went back to birth centre. It took me nearly half an hr to get up there as surges were coming thick & fast. Midwife had already got the pool ready & asked me to get in. At that point, i felt like I needed to push. I Stayed in the pool with some gas & air but I couldn't push & the urge was so intense so got out & sat on a potty like seat [birthing stool] with Andy holding me. I just kept thinking "each surge of my body will bring my baby closer to me".

Angelo was born at exactly 7.45pm. Midwife told me afterwards that when I arrived at birth centre after 5pm, I was 9cm dilated & good to go. It happened very quickly & I have Hypnobirthing to thank for that. Midwife said I should think about home birth next time! I'm not too sure!

Thank you for the lessons & support. The Hypnobirthing techniques helped me relax, I was surprised how quick it all was. Again, I think that was because of the techniques we learnt. Letting go towards the end was difficult but learning to go with your body & your baby is the best advice!

I really hope more mothers to be consider Hypnobirthing. I would definitely recommend it.
Kind Regards, Delia

Delia and Andy
Queen Charlotte's

Louise came pretty quickly - things kind of started first thing in the morning but were very vague and I wasn't sure it was the real thing so we'd pottered around in the morning and gone shopping and then had lunch at home and about 2 ish we became pretty sure they were real contractions.

They went very quickly to being moderately intense and regular, and when I'd been contracting every 3 mins for half an hour we called QCs and they said to come in but they might send me home again, but I knew things were hotting up rapidly so was keen to get there.

At that point, Alistair had been helping me with the breathing and stroking me a bit, but funnily enough as soon as the contractions became intense, there was already no time to do the deep relaxation in between, but the speed was sort of a blessing!

When we got to QCs at about 5 I was fully dilated already so it was straight into the pool for me! I then had about 2 hours in the pool. Throughout this Alistair was amazing at the breathing which helped a great deal. To be honest there wasn't time for anything in between except gulps of lucozade and he couldn't even stroke me once I was in the pool as I suddenly couldn't handle being touched. I got out and had about 45 mins after that on the mats, and then Louise arrived at 8.30 pm!

I delivered the placenta naturally and the midwives were fine with that and very supportive of everything, and even encouraged me not to have gas and air and we decided it wasn't worth risking feeling sick.

So all in all I'd say it was a pretty positive experience and the hypnobirthing breathing particularly helped me throughout so I was really grateful to have learned that and also to have Alistair so well versed in prompting me to breathe well and to relax , not be afraid and just to encourage me generally with the thought of our new baby's imminent arrival.

I hope all's very well with you and that you're having a good year so far!

Claire and Alistair
Queen Charlotte’s

I am a new mother of a beautiful baby boy, who is extremely glad that I enrolled in one of Rosies' Hypnobirthing courses.

Before undertaking the course I was feeling anxious and had doubts on how I would cope. Rosie taught us that labour didn't need to be the stressful and painful experience that we all expect, and taught relaxation and coping techniques that I still use today.

The audio downloads she provided helped me to relax during pregnancy, delivery and afterwards. I particularly liked "Bonding with my Baby" and the "Recovery" downloads as they helped to do just that. I still listen to them today.

I ended up having a c-section to deliver(due to a medical condition), but as Rosie said to me before going in to hospital, "it was going to be the best C-Section ever" and with her ongoing support, training and cd's, it was. I had an amazingly swift recovery that I really believe is due to the relaxed and positive state I was in. This also helped with breast feeding.

I have already recommend Rosie to friends and would recommend hypno birthing in general to all mums to be, and recommend Rosie in particular.

May, mum of Drew

May and Drew
Chelsea & Westminster

Gude and Isaac at Barkantine Birth Centre(Luca was lying Back to Back!)

Hi Rosie,

Luca was born at 5.35am on Thursday 18th November. I had my show on Wed am before Ise went to work, ate a big bowl of porridge, then dozed through early surges while listening to my iPod til 1.30ish, when they were coming closer together & I called Ise to come home.

He was brilliant - made me lunch & a nest of duvet & pillows on the sofa & we cuddled while trying to watch Labyrinth while blowing balloons & timing surges. By 5pm they were 3 in 10 mins & lasting over a minute, so Ise called the birth centre who said to call the cab (no need to speak to me).

We got to the Barkantine by 6pm & the lovely midwife said I was 3cm dilated (went from 1-3 as she examined me) & that Luca was back-to-back, but not to worry about that, as he might turn & in any case, babies can be born like that. Over the next few hours I got in & out of the pool, while listening to CDs & blowing balloons. At the 2nd examination I'd gone to 8cm dilated & Luca had started to turn, but I needed the loo (hard work, as I was constipated from iron tablets)!

By this time I didn't want to be touched, so Ise couldn't do much apart from be there & offer me drinks regularly. He reminded me to do my yoga positions & exercises, while 'blowing balloons', which helped.

Once that was out the way (so to speak!), I got back in the pool & things really started to get going. I could feel Luca turning & descending & surges got more intense. It was hard to just breathe & not push, but Ise was great, counting my breaths, reminding me "in & out" & offering me food & drink all the time (I couldn't eat by then, but was really thirsty). By that stage I was willing each surge to come, as I wanted to meet Luca so much! When Ise could see his head (with LOTS of hair), he got incedibly excited, which spurred me on.

The birth centre midwives were great - one knew about hypnobirthing, the other was a student & had heard of it, but didn't know much, so she read your notes & our birth plan & was great - dimmed the lights, spoke softly, saying 'surges' & telling me to breathe through each one. We had the same 2 midwives from 8pm - 8am & both were fantastic. They listened to the CDs with me for 11.5 hours!!!

They were especially excited that we didn't know if miniGool was a boy or a girl (both guessed boy!) & they called him miniGool, or MG instead of 'baby' throughout the whole birthing.

By the time he came out, MG/Luca had turned right around & came out with his back to my front. The midwives said it was quick for a 1st birth & if he'd not started back-to-back, it could have been as short as 6 hours!

I think my shoulder injury affected his position, as I could only lie on my right side for the 6 days leading up to his birth - but actually during the birth it didn't hurt at all - so many endorphins I guess!

Anyway, just wanted to give you a debrief & say a very big thank you for everything. I've recommended you to a friend who is due in April & feeling nervous about it all.

Will send you a pic of lovely Luca too.

Thanks so much again, team Gool xxx

Gude and Isaac at Barkantine Birth Centre
Canary Wharf

Just to let you know that Oliver was born on Wednesday morning at 04.46 am weighing 7 lb 3. At midwifes weigh in he weighs 7lb 6 already! We've got a bit of a guzzler on our hands!

In the end the labour was pretty short - around 4 hours I think although its hard to tell as because I was induced they were not expecting anything to happen fast. At 11.30 - no dilation but at next check at 3.30am 9.5 cm dilated! And they had sent Andy home at 10.30 so we had to quickly get him back in for the last stage!

I really think listening to those affirmations helped as many of them came to be the case. Claire "

RG: (Consider the alternatives before accepting an induction, which may be unnecessary. Remember birth is designed to happen normally within 38-42 weeks. Look at and buy their booklet - 'Induction- do I really need it ).

Claire at Kingston
Malden Suite following 'Hypnobirthing Essentials' at 37 Weeks and an induction at 41+ weeks

Lucy, Nick and baby JackDear Rosie,

We wanted to let you know that our little boy arrived on Friday 2 weeks early - actually not so little - he was 8lbs 7 so I'm quite relieved he didn't make it to his due date! It was the most extraordinary experienceand a real testament to you and the hypnobirthing teaching.

My waters broke at 4am on Friday and we headed into hospital to make sure the baby was fine. He was, but contractions (sorry surges!) had only just started so they sent us home. They then became more and more uncomfortable, I was able to rest in between with sleep breathing and a bit of slow breathing but felt very distracted. What with having no sleep all night - I'd had a funny feeling that things were about to happen - I was feeling pretty anxious and didn't know if I had the energy to get through it.

We went back into UCH at 10.30am when they were 3 every 10 minutes and I was really finding them difficult and thinking I couldn't do it. Pacing around during them helped but I had real doubts about my ability to deal with it. I was 3cm dilated and they said they'd check again in 4 hours, so then I knew I had to do somethingas I couldn't carry on the way I was for that long.

I started the sleep and slow breathing properly and it worked almost immediately. I just kept still sitting there and really concentrated, and soon felt I was in a bit of a trance. I felt relaxed and suddenly like I could cope.
Some surges I didn't even notice.

I improvised a bit with the slow breathing, doing different visualisations with the numbers to really fill up my mind, imagining them in 3d etc. Light touch massage on my back and head from Nick was brilliant too. All the techniques we used really worked SO well, I felt like a different person. Weirdly I also felt really rested.

Nick said I suddenly calmed down completely and went into a different space. He wasn't getting much chat out of me so at one point popped out to buy a hose for the garden! When the midwives came back they thought the labour had slowed down or stopped because I seemed so relaxed, but on checking I was 8/9cm dilated so nearly ready to go! That was the best news ever.

We went to the birthing pool and the surges changed, less discomfort and just a really strong pushing down feeling. It was unbelievably powerful but by then
I totally felt I could do it and so they were an amazing experience.

In between surges Nick stroked my head and we all felt relaxed enough to be cracking jokes and had quite a nice time! The midwives said they'd never seen a first mum so composed and asked about my breathing techniques. They were consistently supportive and positive and amazed about how the labour had progressed so fast.
They offered me paracetamol but I didn't feel I needed any other pain relief at all, not even the gas and air.

After a while (two hours or so I think) in the birthing pool Joe was almost crowning and then he was suddenly there and it was the most amazing moment. He is doing really well so far and we still can't believe he's ours.

We wanted you to know that the hypnobirthing techniques completely transformed this experience for us, and we're sure for him too. It was really extraordinary and I now feel capable of anything! By far the worst bit was when I thought I couldn't do it, and when I realised that I couldwith the breathing techniques, the whole process, though challenging, became amazing.

Thank you SO much,
Lucy, Nick and Jack

Lucy, Nick and baby Jack

Our beautiful daughter arrived yesterday at 2.27pm weighing 6lbs 11oz
> >> > and 49cm long..
> >> > Midwives are lovely at Kingston and I highly recommend the Malden
> >> > suite...
> >> >
> >> > The zipping up my bag on Monday afternoon appeared to do the trick..
> >> > My contractions started at 1am and I managed to stay in/out of bed
> >> > till 5am when they were nearly every 5mins by which point we got up
> >> > and I listened to hypnobirthing cd on sofa between contractions...
> >> > Eventually went to hospital at 12.30pm to find out I was 8cm dilated
> >> > and was in the birthing pool soon after...
> >> > To be honest I ended up with my own version of breathing exercises
> >> > (more like gold thick chain rope than thread!!) but affirmations were
> >> > really helpful...
> >> > Neil was great reminding me to breath through it and counting outload
> >> > with me.
> >> > Not completely decided on name yet but will let you know when do....
> >> >
> >> > Claire & Mark

Claire & Mark - Malden Suite

Hi Rosie

I thought you would like to hear about my amazing birth story and I would be happy for you to share it with any women you teach as I accredit the wonderful birth (along with the great birth I had with Reuben - who was a breech birth at home in less than 8 hours) to the hypnobirthing I have done.

By way of background I had been listening to the rainbow relaxation since the birth of Reuben (3 years ago) as a relaxation tool to help with my insommnia - which I rarely get now.

In the last 2 months we were also fastidious about doing the practice everyday and I did my affirmations everyday. Sometimes twice a day. Whilst I was on holiday I used to repeat them as I swum lengths at the pool (it helped take my mind off the fact I had to swim a kilometer)!

I think that it all really started on Sunday evening when I had what I thought was a touch of constipation, as it didn't feel severe enough for prelabour cramps and as I am prone to consitipation when pregnant/had a few false alerts due to paranoia I wrote it off as nothing. I still felt 'constipated' the next day but again didn't think much of it. I think that possibly my forewaters might have broken in the morning as I had a slight dribble but it wasn't much and there was no more (with Reuben I kept getting dribbles at reasonably regular intervals) so I decided that I must have wet myself (which mortified me slightly).

For the rest of the day I had what I thought were braxton hicks on and off - by that I mean that I might have one then there might be over an hour before the next one or I might have two or three in the hour, but there was no pattern to them and they were not at all strong. Also if I relaxed and did some hypnobirthing or moved around they seemed to go. So I cycled over to the gym and did a class.

When I came back from the gym at 1.15 I googled pre labour to see if I was actually in labour but all the websites convinced me that it was ‘false labour’ (as my ache was all at the frount, the braxton hicks were not getting closer together or stronger - there was still no pattern to them - and they seemed to go away if I just relaxed). At 3.10pm I called my friend (as she was meant to be having Reuben if i went into labour) just to say that I thought I was in pre labour so something might happen in the next few days. She asked me if I had rung Steve to tell him and I said that I proably wouldn't as I did not want to disturb him at work. She convinced me to call him any way (which was very lucky thing indeed).

When I called Steve I told him not to rush home and that he didn't even have to come home if he didn't want to, but he said he would come home any way (and told me to leave the door open just in case). About 10 minutes later I had 3 contractions on top of each other. Although I knew these were the real mccoy they weren't at all strong (they were just like the first ones you get), but I called Shannon and she said that she would come over and get Reubens bag etc.

Then my mum and Steve came home. Mum started getting the pool ready and I went spare at her beacause I thought she was being premature.

At about 3.50 my waters broke and I had a show (this was c3.50). My contractions started to get stronger and Steve and I were working out whether to call the midwives or not. His view was not to as I was only having 2 in a 10 minute period and they weren't even lasting a minute (the longest being 50 seconds). However, they were all over the place as I would sometime get them on top of each other, other times they were 10 minutes apart or I might get a load of braxton hicks mixed in with them. This was all quite unerving for so I told Steve to call the midwives anyway as I wanted somebody to come out and check me, so Steve called the midwives (this was 4.10).

Then the contractions got stronger (I think I was in the transition by this stage). As I couldn't get into a comfortable position I decided to get in the pool (although there was only about a foot of water in the pool). That was the best thing that I could have done because I got onto a much better position and immediately felt more relaxed and in control/in the zone. It also helped that the pool was in the same place that I had for Reuben, so it bought back all the memories of my first wonderful birth.

I was still repeating my affirmations at this time. I then had two contractions which had a good space between them and then I felt something between my legs and when I put my hand down it felt like a head (with hair). As I hadn't even pushed by then I was a bit shocked/I had to have another feel to be sure and at the same time I felt a slight burning sensation so I knew it was the head starting to crown.

I told Steve that I could feel the head between my legs and she was coming so he jumped in the pool behind me. As I was scared of tearing and wanted to slow things down I went into the polar bear pose (where you put your bum in the air and rest on your arms), luckily this meant that everything was above the level of the water in the pool.

I then did my hypnobirthing j breathe as I felt that I really needed to slow things down and definitely didn't want to be 'pushing'. I then felt her body/shoulders turn and my body pushed twice (together) as I relaxed using the j breathe and she just slid out to be caught by Steve (it was 4.43). I didn't tear at all.

As she was a week early she was covered in vernix and a bit slippy for Steve but he didn't drop her and was careful to make sure she didn't go under the water. I sat up and heard her cry and Steve directed me to hold her close to my breast (I was in a bit of shock and not really thinking). About 30 seconds later the midwife turned up.

I hope that my story will help inspire women to really commit to hypnobirthing and will help them to have the great births that they want (and that I have had). My only regret is that we are stopping at two children.

All in all it was an amazing birth and all the hypnobirthing that I have done in the run up and during really helped. Kind regards Georgina

Georgina & Steve’s 2nd Hypnobirthing Home Birth
supported by King’s College Midwives

I hope you are well. I gave birth to my baby on 16 August. She was exactly a week early and weighed 7lbs 8oz (so 1oz more than Reuben). We have called her Seraphina Penelope.
This time round the baby engaged earlier and was bearing down a lot in the last few weeks. So I did my hypnobirthing (affirmations and breathing) to help me with that.

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that I had a baby boy
last Weds 22nd July. Daniel was born at 11.21am weighing
in at 7lb 14oz. My labour was really good and I wanted to let you know
the details so you can tell another positive story.

My due date was 13th July so I was 8 days over, I was adamant I was
going to avoid any intervention and as the days were ticking along
mentions of sweeps and inductions kept cropping up but as we know you
can refuse so I kept going and luckily I managed to go into labour
naturally in the end - woke up on the Weds am at 3am had a show and I
began to get v excited as this was sign I'd been waiting for.

I wasn't sure how quickly my waters would break as I remembered you saying that
hynobirthing mothers don't always experience waters breaking early on
anyway got back into bed and sure enough half an hour later my waters
did break at 3.30am, we rang the hospital and they were pretty busy so
said to make our way in on the next hour which was fine with us as we
were happy and calm.

So we went to St Peters, Chertsey at around 5am
expecting to be sent home and although was only was 1cm dilated but I
dilated v quickly to 6cm got on the gas and air (how amazing and I
would like one at home!) and then by 9.30am I was at 10cm and ready to
start the second stage. The strange thing was the hospital left us on
our own for a couple of hours as they obviously thought it would take
me ages to dilate but after an hour and half I could feel the surges
had changed so rang for someone and they weren't keen to examine me as
they didn't believe I could have changed that quickly but I insisted
and they realised I was at 6cm then about 20mins later I remember
being taken in a wheelchair into a delivery room and again the same
thing happened, I felt things had changed and had a real feeling of
wanting to push and a new midwife, the one that was now to be with me
until the end, didn't believe I could be fully dilated anyway she did
check and I was so basically I took 2hrs 30mins to go from 1 to 10cm.
In my notes they've actually noted the length of the stages as

first stage: 2hrs 55mins
second stage: 1hour 36mins
third stage (placenta): 5mins

so just over a 4 and half hour labour all on gas and air only which is
incredible for a first baby! I only had 3 small stitches so not too
bad. I am convinced it's all down the hynobirthing!

I was listening to my ipod with the visualisation techniques while I was dilating and
convinced this helped. Also leading up to the day the daily balloon
anxiety release and affirmations really helped relax me and get me
focused. Mark was amazing too and really helped me focus on the slow
breathing through the surges when they got more intense before I got
on the gas and air. It was great for him too as he felt like he had a
job and it really felt like we were connected.
Thanks for all your help.

Andrea at St Peter’s

Dear Rosie. I hope you are well.

I was keen to touch base to let you know how useful I found the hypno birthing during my labour and how it kept me calm, in control and just overall helped a huge amount.

I listened to the affirmations and relaxation rainbow track every day from when we did the course and any time I became in the slightest anxious or nervous about the birth I went upstairs listened to the hot air balloon track or the other two and immediately felt really relaxed about everything.

The breathing techniques also proved incredibly useful not only for relaxation before the birth but during the birth and also since any time that things have become tense. These breathing techniques - the three you taught us I also practiced every day from about 34 weeks or when we did our course.

Lexie was amazing throughout the birth as was Dave and although it did not end up exactly as planned (which of course is hard to do anyway)

I had an amazing birth experience thanks mainly to you and Lexie [midwife] and my husband Dave and felt fully prepared and supported. The labour ended up being long (20 hours from the on set of contractions) - just using gas and air and the tens machine. Unfortunately due to him being big 9 lbs 9 oz, very high up (he had been all pregnancy) but primarily due to his positioning - he had his head to the side stuck and was not coming out I had to have a c section. They tried a couple of times with a vantouse to get him out but it was clear that he was not going to come out however much I had pushed (which ended up being for 4 hours!)

Anyway I was really pleased that I tried all possible options and that all ended well with both myself and our little boy well.

So our boy was born in the early hours of Monday 24 August 1.43pm - Thomas

Thank you so much for everything - I have and will continue to recommend you and hypno birthing - it really was invaluable.

Charlotte - "I had an Amazing Birth"
A necessary C-Section at Chelsea & Westminster

I just wanted to share the wonderful news with you that Rhys & I had a beautiful baby girl Amelie last Tues nt. 8 pounds 11. All going great.

Birth all ok, 8hrs from start to finish. Which went quite quickly!

The breathing & relaxation techniques certainly got me through it all.

I listened to the cd each night when going to sleep, so am sure some of it sunk in.

So nice to have a happy, healthy gorgeous little girl born naturally!

We were mostly in the birthing pool. All natural before stubborn placenta wouldn't come out after 3hrs, so into surgery for that.

Thanks again for the coaching.

Nicole - "8 Hours Start To Finish!"
Chelsea & Westminster

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful class. We had a baby daughter on Sunday evening. After spending all morning at home using breathing techniques through the contractions we went to Kingston hospital to the Malden Suite at 2pm. Not long later the baby arrived in the birthing pool at 5.28pm.

Harriet & Pete
Kingston Hospital

Anna born last night - a tiny little bundle of joy. Wonderful. Thanks for all your support

Sarah & Sam
Kingston Hospital

Just to let you know that James was born on wednesday morning at home in the birth pool. The breathing and prep that you gave us was invaluable. James weighed in at 10lb 4oz, was a vbac birth, labour took 6hours and 45 mins and I didn't have any tearing. Thank you very much.

Just to let you know that James was born on wednesday morning at home in the birth pool. The breathing and prep that you gave us was invaluable. James weighed in at 10lb 4oz, was a vbac birth, labour took 6hours and 45 mins and I didn't have any tearing. Thank you very much.

Fiona, home birth Clapham
independent midwives.

I hope you are well. I gave birth to my baby on 16 August. She was exactly a week early and weighed 7lbs 8oz (so 1oz more than Reuben). We have called her Seraphina Penelope.

This time round the baby engaged earlier and was bearing down a lot in the last few weeks. So I did my hypnobirthing (affirmations and breathing) to help me with that.

Just to let you know that Rory was born on Wednesday morning at 04.46 am weighing 7 lb 3. At midwifes weigh in he weighs 7lb 6 already! We've got a bit of a guzzler on our hands!

In the end the labour was pretty short - around 4 hours I think although its hard to tell as because I was induced they were not expecting anything to happen fast. At 11.30 - no dilation but at next check at 3.30am 9.5 cm dilated! And they had sent Adam home at 10.30 so we had to quickly get him back in for the last stage!

I really think listening to those affirmations helped as many of them came to be the case!

Take care ladies and maybe catch up soon

Kate and Adam at Malden Suite

Two years ago I came to your class in Barnes for hypnobirthing which resulted in my super quick painless birth of Jasper. I am 24 weeks pregnant and due end/beginning of January depending on whether baby two copies his brother's early appearance or not. I am really hoping for a repeat performance!

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