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- are you anxious or considered 'high risk' -

Would you like to find out how doula support in birth and/or post natally makes a huge difference?

Would you like tips & techniques for calmer baby & more sleep?

I offer 20 years of highly effective,  In-person Hypnobirthing classes London, Hypnobirthing online classes, Hypnobirthing Breathing Techniques, Hypnobirthing Affirmations- everything you need for a positive birth

I'd LOVE to support you - Rosie xx

Hypnobirthing Expert, Doula & Hypnotherapist - London & Globally

From Kingston, Barnes, Fulham to Islington, Hackney, Canary Wharf

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Hi Lovely Parents 🙂  Would you like to start feeling calmer and more confident about your birth TODAY?  Would you like to know HOW to reduce pain and tearing in birth ? Would you (and your partner) like to know HOW to navigate the maternity system and to feel more in CONTROL?  Call me now for a quick chat to see how I can support you:

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With effective hypnobirthing active birth ante natal sessions, highly effective audio, positive birth techniques, all underpinned by latest evidence supporting physiology & nearly 20 years' experience.  I can help you feel calmer, equipped and more in control, for a positive birth, tailored to your circumstances wherever and however YOU choose to birth your baby 🙂  And If you would like me by your side, to support your choices, advocate for your decision making, to hold your hand, and help everyone feel calmer and more confident at every stage, I'll be delighted to be your your birth and/or post natal doula as you go through this amazing, life changing experience. 

 Call me 07806 994636 Rosie xx 

Rosie Goode Hypnobirthing Doula - throughout London and beyond. Barnes Kingston Fulham Richmond Notting Hill to Dalston Hackney

Hypnobirthing Works Relaxation and Affirmation tracks online! 

'I love being at a birth where Rosie's voice is playing. The rhythm is so in synch with labour -  slow, and smooth and even in an authentic, way, like you know that she's been there. I'm sure that's why it holds mothers so completely steady and focussed. There's none of the jarring you sometimes get when the voice moves to fast, or gets too cheesy. She just kind of leads mothers to this soft, safe place in a really gentle way.'  Natalie Meddings - Doula, Active Birth Yoga Teacher, Founder: TellMeAGoodBirthStory.com Author: How to Have a Baby  

Welcome to Hypnobirthing Works with Rosie Goode

Rosie Goode. Hypnobirthing for a Positive Birth

Welcome to Hypnobirthing Works.  I’m Rosie Goode, and I've loved teaching Hypnobirthing - offering group and bespoke courses, pregnancy, birth coaching and doula support, working with private and high profile clients throughout London since 2004.  I'm one of London's most experienced Hypnotherapists and Hypnobirthing teachers, skilled in supporting every mother: whether a physiological birth is planned or if a mother or birthing person requires an induction or csection.  Every birth can be positive, when we know how. 

With a thorough understanding of maternity units in London and NICE guidelines, I'm supporting mothers and fathers through pregnancy and towards a positive birth, whatever their plan and whatever the circumstances. 

*Midwives and obstetricians LOVE supporting my Hypnobirthing couples.

Hypnobirthing is a highly effective toolkit of anxiety/stress release techniques; empowering, confidence boosting techniques, breathing techniques, underpinned by physiology, and a clear understanding of how our mind affects our body: practical, logical, effective.  It also just happens to be science and evidence based.

"Rosie you are a star! The techniques worked a treat and we had a beautiful baby girl! The hypnobirthing kept me incredibly calm and zen throughout the whole process as it did our daughter! “ Isabella Calthorpe & Sam Branson, parents to Eva-Deia Branson

Benefits of Hypnobirthing with London’s most experienced Teacher

  • 18 years’ of London Hypnobirthing teaching. What works and what doesn’t. Latest research and guidelines
  • How to enjoy your pregnancy – excited about birth – feeling empowered and educated to make good decisions
  • Learn how to avoid induction if you choose (there are alternatives), or enjoy the best possible induction
  • First stage of birth likely to be shortened by several hours
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce the need for drugs
  • Significantly reduce likelihood of tearing (supported by NICE Guidelines)
  • London hospitals (private/NHS) and birth centres support Rosie’s Hypnobirthing Works couples
  • Husband or partner empowered and comfortably able to support you through birth
  • Feeling good post natally – body tends to bounce back and milk flows well
  • Calm, contented, happy babies – who tend to sleep and feed well!
  • How to achieve a positive birth in any circumstances, especially if you have predetermined medical condition and/or considered ‘high risk’ – a hand to hold or an advocate
Calm happy Hypnobirthing Baby Otto

“We honestly can’t thank you enough for being such a brilliant teacher! ” Suzie & James 

Lovely Nicky & Sam

Special Circumstances

If you have a pre-existing health condition or circumstances that may require an early induction or a planned a C-Section, the full Hypnobirthing Course or Hypnobirthing Essentials will enable you to let go of anxiety and embrace your birth. I have taught many women who have been considered ‘high risk’, who have gone on to have wonderful births. If birth doesn’t go quite to plan, you can still be confident that your Hypnobirthing practise will enable you and your baby to have the best possible experience.    Please call or message me to talk through how I can support you :


Rosie on 07806 994636 


In the film below, Nadia shares her experience of an amazing birth at Kingston Birth Centre.  A good birth is not about luck: it’s about the right preparation and support, in the right birthing environment ….

You are surrounded by many thousands of women having beautiful Hypnobirthing births. You and your baby are designed for birth, and my Hypnobirthing courses will boost your confidence, will inspire you to embrace the experience for you and your baby, and as many clients say: “it was amazing”, “the breathing really worked” and “I felt aware and in control”

“Thank you for seeing my client following her traumatic first birth. Your hypnotherapy is having a good effect on her” Senior Teaching & Consultant Obstetrician . Portland Hospital.                                                       

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Group courses in Richmond (East Sheen) for clients in Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Notting Hill, Kensington. Group courses in Clapham  for clients in Balham, Tooting, Wandsworth – and privately Dalston, Hackney and throughout London