Imagine giving birth calmly and confidently: relaxed and in control

For birth to flow well, a mother needs to FEEL SAFE.  Hypnobirthing  teaches you and your husband/partner HOW to enjoy a calmer, more comfortable, positive birth, wherever and however you birth your baby 🙂 

Rosie will teach you highly effective Hypnobirthing breathing techniques and relaxation techniques, the importance of Hypnobirthing Affirmations, de-stressing, confidence boosting, birth planning, couples relaxations and massage -  In-person Hypnobirthing classes London, Hypnobirthing online classes - everything you need for a positive birth, however and wherever you choose to birth your baby. 

Hypnobirthing is the ONLY course that offers the opportunity for a truly shared, inclusive birthing experience, generating trust and confidence in your husband/partner or birth companion.  Fathers/Partners LOVE Hypnobirthing!  (Even if they were sceptical before they came to my course!)  

Hypnobirthing Works Courses include: 

  • 4+ Hypnobirthing audio downloads
  • Hypnobirthing plans 
  • Course materials - following latest research/guidelines
  • Resource list and ongoing email/phone support from the team. 
  • All couples are invited to Hypnobirthing Club:   Monthly Catch Up / Boost (lovely venue) 

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Hypnobirthing Benefits

Natalie and Ned born at home
  • Happy pregnancy - from fear to excitement
  • Fewer unnecessary inductions
  • Greatly reduced need for drugs
  • Significantly reduces likelihood of tearing (NICE Guidelines)
  • Raised blood pressure can be reduced in pregnancy
  • Equipped with techniques, strategies and energy for birth
  • London Maternity Units LOVE supporting Hypnobirthing Couples
  • Hypnobirthing Affirmations building confidence
  • 'Hypnobirthing Nest' PROTECTS couples in a Maternity Unit
  • More rapid post natal recovery (almost entirely eliminates post natal discomfort & ‘baby blues’)
  • Truly BONDING for mother and partner
  • A positive birth whatever the circumstances (planned induction/CS)
  • How to avoid and/or how to have a positive Induction
  • Gentlest birth for babies - who tend to sleep and feed well

You will learn

  • Effective technique to let reduce anxiety and stress that cause long labours & pain. Mind / Body connection matters.
  • How to build confidence and trust in your body and baby. Birth physiology
  • How you can have a quick and easy birth - it is possible!
  • Deep Relaxation (self hypnosis) & stress release skills that you can use during labour– skills for life!
  • Highly effective Hypnobirthing Breathing techniques for a calm, gentle birth
  • Visualisations and Affirmations for a beautiful birth
  • Practical, logical techniques for Husband or Partner.
  • You will learn how to trust your instincts and go with the flow of your body
  • How to create a supportive birth environment
  • How to get support for your birth choices
  • How to encourage birth to start
  • Special massage techniques for a more comfortable birth
  • Alternatives to induction/ or have a positive induction
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Myth busting!

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Louise & Sean Chelsea & Westminster

As soon as the midwives knew we were Hypnobirthing they were happy to go along with our plan! It was wonderful

Kate & James Kingston Hospital

The midwife was really great. She totally respected my birth plan and was a reassuring presence in the room. I was so thrilled to have a drug free birth and your course gave me the confidence to be able to see that through

Hypnobirthing in Barnes

Kate and boys born at C&W