Hypnobirthing balloon trip audio

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Exclusive hypnobirthing audio from Rosie

For Mothers and Partners: Would you like to let go of daily stress, worries about life and birth? Would you like to feel calmer and more optimistic about birth?  And partners – feeling calmer and more confident in your role?  Drift off daily with Rosie’s highly effective Balloon Trip relaxation track. 

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Hypnobirthing balloon trip, exclusive hypnobirthing audio from Rosie.

*Introductory offer*  For Mothers and Partners

Would you like to let go of daily stresses, worries about life and birth, difficult memories that are impacting you now?   Would you like to feel calmer and more optimistic generally?   Looking forward positively to your birth?  And partners – feeling calmer and more confident in your role?  Would you like to let go of all the unhelpful birth stories that surround us, in the media and internet?  

Rosie’s 14 years’ expertise as a Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Specialist and Doula, has enabled her to create wonderfully supportive Relaxation tracks for you, your baby and your Partner.  What we hear repeatedly, impacts how we feel.  How we feel impacts our behaviour and our birth.  When we can keep letting go of the thoughts that increase stress and anxiety, we can start to feel more optimistic and more positive about our birth.  Your mind and body connection is very powerful and relaxing together with your baby and your partner enables you all to approach birth feeling calm and confident. 

Balloon Trip Anxiety and Stress Release:  This track focuses on deep relaxation.  A highly effective track to let go of worries, doubts, difficult memories and to strengthen the triggers for calm.  Relax in the comfort of your own home or at any time and place, in which you can just drift off…   Take a deep breath and allow your breath to flow slowly out … a wonderful feeling of relaxation and calm… as you start to feel mentally and physically calmer over the coming days and weeks. 

Enjoy this unique Hypnobirthing balloon trip.

Hypnobirthing audio download

Download this hypnobirthing audio to support you in preparing for your calm, comfortable, positive birth.

  • Part of an exclusive range of relaxing hypnobirthing audio from Rosie that support deep relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress and help you develop stress release skills to support your positive birth
  • This track is just under fourteen minutes long
  • Buy now to download Hypnobirthing balloon trip audio and take advantage of our introductory offer
  • Works in all standard audio players

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