Pregnancy & Birth in times of Covid-19 :  

There is so much additional anxiety during this time of Covid-19.  I am here to support you.   Whatever you need.  A 'hand to hold' during these uncertain times.  I have excellent relationships within London Maternity Units and Maternity Voices Partnership (MVPs).   I can help you navigate your way to a positive birth.  With hypnobirthing, highly effective audio recordings, positive birth techniques, doula support, all underpinned by evidence, who to contact for extra support?  

I can help you feel calmer and much more in control, for a positive birth, tailored to your circumstances and wherever you are birthing your baby.  Rosie x

Births That Need Extra Support - Are you considered 'high risk' ?

During many years enabling women to have a positive birth, I have frequently supported women who have a pre-existing condition, or during their pregnancy or at the onset of birth, have discovered a health/birth circumstance that (may) require medical help.  It has been my particular privilege to support women who have had a previously difficult or traumatic birth, or who have suffered post natal depression.  I'm happy to say these lovely mothers have gone on to experience beautiful births.

Here are a few helpful ideas.  Click here if you'd like more individualised support.

Birth Plans ARE Negotiable:   Sadly, within our current system, pregnancy and birth are measured in terms of 'risk',  so we need to navigate our way through this system.   If a GP, midwife or consultant, at an early ante natal appointment doesn't immediately support your choices, perhaps because you do not 'fit' a hospital's 'pathway' or criteria, or if your birth is considered 'high risk', you need to find an advocate to support your choices.  (I can also act as advocate).  This could be a Supervisor of Midwives: part of whose role it is to support women's decision making.  It could be a Consultant Midwife supporting Normality in Birth, or it could be a Consultant Obstetrician supporting normal birth.  I have good relationships within London hospitals and can put you in touch with particular staff if helpful.

Meet with a Consultant Midwife or Community Midwife/Home Birth Team early and get them to sign off on your decision, so you can avoid months of uncertainty and unnecessary stress that may be caused.  One of my favourite Consultant Midwives, Chantelle Winstanley, last year wrote 94 birth plans with mothers who wanted a water birth/birth centre birth/home birth, but fell outside a hospital 'guidelines' for the birth centre.

Some Maternity Units in London are much more flexible than others with their 'criteria' for a birth centre/pool/home birth.  What does that tell you?

Maternity units may postpone inductions for days.  What does that tell you? You will learn on the course how to have a positive induction.

You may need extra support in the following circumstances:  if you want a home birth and don't 'fit' the criteria; if you want a water birth and don't 'fit' the criteria; if you want a midwife led birth and don't 'fit' the criteria because you have, for example GBStrep, high BMI, gestational diabetes, maternal age.  In most circumstances, you will be able to birth where you choose.

Breech Birth: Hypnotherapy and/or acupuncture (moxibustion)are highly successful at turning breech babies.  Also look at  But if your baby wont turn, depending upon the type of breech, it is perfectly possible to have a beautiful, normal breech birth. (My son Jack was a normal breech birth - jt was safe and amazing !)  Find confident caregivers/ an advocate who will support your choice. Several maternity units in London have undertaken training to support normal breech births.  Shawn Walker is a specialist breech trainer and independent midwife who can support as a doula through breech birth.  Look online for Mary Cronk, and Joy Horner:  inspirational midwives continuing to train midwives in normal breech deliveries. See Georgina's home Breech Birth and Rosie's Hospital Breech Birth in Birth Stories for inspiration! (following soon)

Twin Birth - One Breech :  Normal birth of twins (one breech) is perfectly possible. (Parts of the country it is the norm) Victoria's Story to follow shortly, in which she describes how she needed to find a supportive, confident 'team' in order to avoid an induction, which the maternity unit in general were keen to do.  She went on to have a beautiful, normal birth at King's

VBAC Vaginal Birth after C-Section: Again, for many women, perfectly possible and desirable. Most London Maternity Units are supporting VBAC.  Look at (Association for Improvements in Maternity Services) website for excellent information, inspiration and see Sarah's story in Birth Stories to boost confidence (to follow soon).

VBAC at Home: "Just to let you know that James was born on wednesday morning at home in the birth pool. The breathing and prep that you gave us was invaluable. James weighed in at 10lb 4oz, was a VBAC birth, labour took 6hours and 45 mins and I didn't have any tearing. Thank you very much." Fiona, home birth Clapham. Independent Midwives

Obstetric Cholestasis :  OC will require an early induction, but a planned induction, whilst potentially challenging, can be a very positive experience. See Emma's Birth Story for inspiration (to follow shortly)

Gestational Diabetes:  You can birth in water if you choose, in a Midwife Led Unit.  Birth Story to follow

Pre-Eclampsia: "Just because things don't always go to plan, your birth can still be a wonderful experience"

Hi Rosie, I just wanted to let you know that our wonderful baby girl was born last Sunday weighing 5lb 5oz. Her name is Seren, which is welsh for star and she definitely is a little star!

We had planned to have a natural home birth but things didn't quite go to plan! I was taken into hospital last Saturday to be induced as I had pre eclampsia that the doctor had missed and so had become quite serious. I was induced on Saturday night and labour began around 2am Sunday. Throughout the labour I was able to remain calm and focused on my breathing and stayed fully relaxed by making the most of the huge hospital baths! Labour continued calmly until around 6pm when Seren's heartbeat dropped and we were rushed in to theatre for a c section.

Throughout this emotional and scary time, both Tim and I were able to stay calm and focused and were able to ask all the questions we needed without any panic. I totally believe this is because of all the breathing practise we did and our firm belief in Seren having as calm a birth as possible.

Seren is definitely a hypno baby as she is so chilled out! She latched on as soon as I was able to hold her and although she wasn't able to be delivered on to my chest, the hospital respected all our other wishes to ensure she was born into a calm atmosphere, even leaving an extra long piece of cord so that Tom could still cut it! She was born at 8.38pm with the radio playing Elton John's 'Are you ready for love' and we certainly were! Although she is small due to the pre eclampsia, she is perfect and both of us were given the all clear yesterday at our check up. I totally believe that I am so calm and have recovered so quickly due to the relaxed approach you taught us so, a million thankyous to you!

I just wanted to say that just because things don't always go to plan, your birth can still be a wonderful experience.Thank you for everything.

Epilepsy: Regular, deep relaxation is/can be a significant contributor to the reduction of seizures. A normal birth need not be inhibited with this condition. Discuss with your Midwives and Consultant and find confident caregivers who will support you if birth in a Midwife Led Unit is your choice. (Birth Story to follow).

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Previous Birth Trauma, Life Trauma or Miscarriage

It has been a particular privilege to have supported women and their partners through difficult experiences towards a beautiful birth.  I have successfully taught Hypnobirthing to women and their partners who have had a traumatic previous pregnancy or birth; women who have suffered multiple miscarriages; and women who have suffered a previous life trauma or abuse, for whom the whole idea of pregnancy and birth is filled with fear (tokophobia).

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am qualified in highly effective therapeutic techniques, including the 'Rewind Technique' to release traumatic memories. NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence), recognises the Rewind Technique as therapeutic and effective for PTSD.

I can help you to approach pregnancy and birth feeling a normal level of nervousness and eventually calm, not overwhelmed and re-traumatised by memories of previous experiences.  A recent client, pregnant for the second time, 19 years after a traumatic first birth said: "I was dreading birth, but now I'm excited. It's amazing. Thank you so much"

See Sara's Home Birth Story and Mindy's Hospital Birth Story for inspiration. (To follow shortly)

I will be more than happy to talk through how I can help and support you through pregnancy and birth. Click to contact me or  07806 994636

For more information and support, take a look at The Association for Improvements in Maternity Services is a brilliant group of midwives, providing excellent literature which will provide you with a fully rounded picture of your choices in birth. Publications include: 'What's Right For Me?', 'Am I Allowed', 'Birth After Caesarean' 'Breech Birth', 'Vitamin K', 'Induction - Do I Really Need It?' and many more.

I will be more than happy to talk through how I can help and support you through pregnancy and birth. Click to contact me or  07806 994636

For more information and support, take a look at