Our Team

Our Team

Rosie Goode. Hypnobirthing supports a Positive Birth

Hi, I’m Rosie Goode – I absolutely LOVE teaching Hypnobirthing, and supporting mothers and fathers through pregnancy, into birth and beyond, whatever their plan and whatever the circumstances.  

I’ve two very different births, including an amazing, normal (breech) birth, and I’m passionate about sharing what we know birth needs to flow well* 

Happy (normal breech) Jack

I believe that every woman deserves a positive birth, and over 13 years working alongside wonderful midwives, obstetricians, doulas and many other therapists throughout London, I’ve gained a real insight into how maternity units work in London and am excited to share that knowledge.  I’m up to date with all the latest research and guidelines, so that parents are empowered and equipped for the safest and best birth for mothers, fathers and babies at home or in any London maternity unit – and memories to treasure.  Click here for more details on all my roles campaigning for ‘Better Births’ within maternity services in London, midwifery training and my support of the Positive Birth Movement.

I’ve taught over 2500 couples Hypnobirthing (including high profile couples and family and friends of Prince William and Kate) throughout London, and supported them towards a “beautiful birth”, a “challenging but amazing” birth, or the “best possible birth”.  As a hypnotherapist, I’ve supported many women/couples who suffer anxiety, phobias, a previously difficult life experience, or previously difficult birth.   Hypnotherapy is extremely effective at releasing difficult emotions/memories, so parents are free to embrace a positive, healing birth in future.. 

Our Team are expert in their field and specialise in pregnancy and post natal support (Details to follow)

Midwives . Obstetricians . Acupuncture . Osteopathy . Physio . Reflexology .

Feeding support . Cranial Osteopathy . Doula Support . Post Natal Support 

Our Hypnobirthing Works team will be delighted to support you towards a positive birth (and happy parenting), wherever and however you choose to birth you baby.

Rosie x      Click to book or for Support