Hello, I’m Rosie Goode – Hypnobirthing expert, Clinical hypnotherapist, Chair St George’s Maternity Voices Partnership, Board member SWLondon Local Maternity System, and positive birth campaigner!

I’ve taught over 2500 couples Hypnobirthing and supported them towards a beautiful birth, a challenging but amazing birth, or the best possible birth.  In my wider post natal work, I’ve supported many women who’ve experienced a system that has contributed to a difficult birth and post natal problems.  Sadly so many of these awful experiences were avoidable.

Rosie Goode. How to Have a Positive Birth

When women and partners are :

  • educated about birth physiology and the mind/body connection – what supports birth and what detracts
  • equipped with effective breathing and relaxation techniques
  • informed by Nice Guidelines – that support mothers’ birth plans
  • understand the birth system in London
  • confident and trusting in themselves

… mothers, babies and partners are well on their way towards a positive birth and memories to treasure.

Reliable information is key.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained over 13 years supporting parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond in London, whether NHS or private care.  I’ve been on numerous NHS working groups and committees and see at first hand what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve worked alongside wonderful Researchers into Maternal Health, Doulas and Maternity Voices Campaigners.   I’ve worked with wonderful Midwives and Obstetricians, and see too, how frustrating it can be for them to effect positive change in a system under pressure.  All the more reason for mothers and fathers to equip themselves.

We know how to support positive births for all mothers, wherever and however they choose to birth their baby.

So, let’s keep the oxytocin flowing.

Rosie Goode

July 2017

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