Birth Trauma / PND / PTSD

Birth Trauma / PND / PTSD

It has been a particular privilege to have supported women and their partners through difficult experiences towards a beautiful birth.  I have successfully taught Hypnobirthing to women and their partners who have had a traumatic previous pregnancy or birth (including PTSD and PND); women who have suffered multiple miscarriages; and women who have suffered a previous life trauma or abuse, or depression, or for whom the whole idea of pregnancy and birth is filled with fear.

Hypnobirthing is very successful when preceded by 1-3  hypnotherapy sessions to release traumatic memories, whether birth trauma or another life event.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am qualified in highly effective therapeutic techniques, including the ‘Rewind Technique’ to release traumatic memories. NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence), recognises the Rewind Technique as therapeutic and effective for PTSD.  This does not involve talking about the previous birth in detail as you would be required to do in CBT, as this is actually re-traumatising.

I can help you to approach pregnancy and birth feeling a normal level of nervousness and eventually calm, not overwhelmed and re-traumatised by memories of previous experiences.  A recent client, pregnant for the second time, 19 years after a traumatic first birth said: “I was dreading birth, but now I’m excited. It’s amazing. Thank you so much”

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